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October 14, 2018

I haven't posted here in a long time. My bad. After my grandfather passed, Jazz, a member of TheMewx sadly passed away back in March. She was a great pupper and she will be missed. I took a few month hiatus after that. Ever since about July or so, I've been animating and filming more. I have about 3 or 4 more videos left to do before 2018 ends. I hope by next year to make more comics and make them a weekly thing. So for now, this is Ethan signing off!

February 11, 2018

Well I'm finally making more content. This is for the next animation. Enjoy the gif!


February 4, 2018

Hey guys. Sorry that I haven't been as active as I was. Been getting metaphorically kicked in the ass as of late. I don't want to throw a pitty party or anything of that nature. I just want to be transparent with ya'll. Let's start off with the first thing. I hated TheMewx Christmas Special. It wasn't suppose to come out 4 years later. It was suppose to be done by 2014, that's why the recordings were done that year. Also after cutting ties with Cody back in March of 2017, I really didn't want to finish it. He was the one who primarily wrote it. After finally finishing it, I felt beyond drained from art and animation that I would just sleep or in general stay in my room and do practically nothing not counting helping the family business out. I tried getting back into the swing of things, which worked a bit. And then I found out my grandpa was in the hospital after catching the flu and it jacked him up. He was able to recover from it, but it shot his lungs. We didn't know how much he had on this Earth, so I was able to FaceTime him just in case that was the last I ever saw him. He told me to continue my art and head to college. He also cracked a joke or two. I was able to head down to San Angelo to see him a week later. We had great conversations and he told me some funny stories of when he served in the National Guard. He sadly passed away a few days later after I came back home. He was able to head back to his home and passed away peacefully. Around that time I heard the news about his passing, I contracted the flu myself. [yay...], so that really hindered my ability to draw, or even walk or eat. I eventually got better a week or so later. When I was still sick, I had to head back to San Angelo to go to my grandpa's funeral. Let me tell you; having the flu while saying your final goodbyes to your grandpa ain't fun. I'll tell you that for sure. After heading back and recovering from the flu, I finally started getting ideas for videos and comics again, so now I'm back. January sucked, but I have a feeling February will be miles better. Once again, I don't want to come off as "oh pitty me wahhh", I just want to let my friends and fans know where I've been and doing in January and why there's nothing new on my channel. Expect a new animation soon announcing something big. -Ethan