Welcome to About!

TheMewx is a YouTube channel starded on June 8, 2009 and is dedicated to live action skits, but will post animations there, as well as random videos I feel like making!


TheMewx starts back a whole year before it was concieved. Back in 2008 when I was in the 5th grade, YouTube was really gaining momentum and my neighbor, Nick and his friend Chad made a channel called ChiackProductions. All I rememeber is that they had about three videos. I forgot the first one, but the other two were about Metal Gear and a Master Chief figurine, but my attention was glued to the Metal Gear parody they did in Nick's yard. Looking back at it, it was most likely a parody of Egoraptor's Metal Gear parody, but I digress. I remember going to Nick's house to ask him if I could be in a video, because I though highly of them like Fred, Smosh, BUTCHYKID624, and many others. He of course said no. So I begged another time in our art class an he said no again, so I took matters into my own hands. I talked to my then-best friend Taylor and see if he wanted to make a YouTube channel with me; he said yes, but we never really did any videos together. The closest there was of ETProductions, or Ethan and Taylor Productions was me making a video tutorial on lighting in a room for a video, which can be seen here. After that, I kind of dropped from making videos as much. Had to focus on school and Pokemon. Skip to 2009: 5th grade was just recently finished and it was now summer vacation. So, what was the best thing to do to have fun? Recording your neighbor's cat of course! And thus Cat Whisperer was born. Also the first member of TheMewx joined that day too. His name was Ryan. Him and I made about three videos together, which were all shot on the same day. These videos were Cat Whisperer, Super Kid", and Cat Whisperer 2. He soon moved to Washington, but thanks to him, I was able to convince my dad to make a YouTube channel. I wanted to call it 'MewX' named after Mewthree X from the Pokemon Fire Red hack, Pokemon Chaos Black. Why? Because he looked badass. Just look at him, but to my dismay, it was taken a few months prior by this British kid. Hunter probably did it to mess with me. Him with his time traveling. YouTube gave me several suggested names, and I chose TheMewx without thinking. I at least wanted TheMewX, but got TheMewx instead. For the longest time I hated it, but eventually grew to love it. Over the years I would leave the channel and come back again until I permantely stayed in 2012. I've been making videos there ever since.